Application // Coehoorn the Mage

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Application // Coehoorn the Mage

Postby Coehoorn » Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:52 pm

Personal information

Name: Daniel
Age: 27
Country: Poland
Languages: Polish and fluent English
Any other information: Outside of unpredictable emergencies, there is nothing stopping me from attending the raid ready and on time. I have quit my heart-wrenching, soul-drenching corporate office job behind earlier in the year, and I am currently self studying to become a web developer. I am on my own schedule and I live in my own apartment, so I am available at all times.

General character information:

Name: Coehoorn
Class: Mage
Raid Role: DPS
Battle.tag: Coehoorn#21494

Armory Link:

UI Screenshot:
The screenshot doesn’t come from an actual raid, but it represents almost fully what my interface looks like in combat. My BigWigs bars are styled identically to the IV/TW WAs, and they are placed slightly off center to the right side just enough to always be in my immediate vision, but not to obscure any environment. Though nothing fancy, the interface and WAs are freshly refurbished for BFA, effectively feeding my all the information I need.

Do you have a viable off-spec which you could play on progression? I am proficient with all of the mage specs, but I have a strong preference for Frost and Fire. Regardless, my choice typically lies with the highest performing spec.

Guild Background:

Please give an overview of your guild history:
I have started out in Legion in a Ravencrest guild called <Muju>. It was a new guild created at the tail end of Warlords of Draenor. Plenty of cameraderie and good times, I loved those guys, but most unfortunately the guild has succumbed to roster issues by the time we reached Avatar in ToS. Ravencrest is a fairly competitive realm when it comes to 2-day schedule guilds, and despite a strong core, we found ourselves unable to fill in the individual gaps in the roster in a timely enough fashion without cancelling raids far too often than any one of us liked, and it strained the leadership perhaps a bit too much. The guild became increasingly high maintenance for them, and we were left with little choice but to call it quits.

From that point on, Legion has lost some of its charm to me. Immediately after <Muju>’s departure I briefly joined a guild called <Delusional> with some of the guys without too much promise, and frankly, the necessity to integrate ourselves with a mostly established team who shared grossly different values halfway through the expansion proved somewhat, for the lack of a better word, unrewarding. This gave me an opportunity to take some time off, before coming back in the new year and joining a different, newly created guild called <Viribus>, later renamed <Imageless> (you will also find a guild called <Flopwango> along the way on my Wowprogress page, but that’s a casual and social guild of an old friend I found myself in before getting back to raiding). This guild gave up almost as quickly as it appeared, in equal parts both due to continued poor individual performances from the team and the leadership’s toxic attitude (i.e. arguments between themselves and other raiders during the raid and pulls, an abundance of aggressive finger-pointing for the sake of shifting the blame for wipes or unsuccessful raid nights).

My most recent stop is a (yet another) new guild called <Just>. These guys got together recently and aim to create a Mythic raiding team for Battle For Azeroth. Unfortunately, parts of my fear this could end up a yet another failed experiment because despite grand visions, there is very little on-going effort to create a quality roster, and the atmosphere in the guild chat and Discord is not exactly up my alley. I enjoy banter and memes just like any other guy, but when most of it revolves around spewing out anti-semitic, racist or homophobic slurs because “it’s just memes” then you’ll find me looking for the nearest exit.

What is the reason for leaving your current/last guild?
Covered in the last paragraph in the question above.

Raiding Background:

What is your raiding experience?
Vanilla: Cleared Molten Core, Blackwing Lair and AQ40 in a guild that opened the gates of AQ. Missed out on Naxxramas.
TBC: Cleared everything up to and including the Black Temple, missed out on Sunwell.
WotLK: Cleared the new Naxxramas before taking a far more casual and PvP-oriented approach to the game.
Cataclysm: Skipped out on raiding entirely, enjoyed playing RGBs reaching 2.2k rating.
MoP: Cleared mythic SoO (still called heroic at the time).
WoD: Cleared mythic Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry.

Legion: In short, 7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV, 10/10M NH, 8/9M ToS, 7/11M Antorus.
Unfortunately, I had missed out on the Helya kill with <Muju> due to some unfortunate personal dealings that rendered me unable to dedicate the time and play the game at the time. This carried on partly into Nighthold, and though I was able to catch up with the guild by the end of their progression. We carried on strong and in full swing into Tomb, which ultimately became our undoing before we managed a Maiden kill. I managed to rack up both Maiden and Avatar kills with a different group whose raids I joined as a step-in. Antorus was cleared with the <Imageless> guild, and by the time they disbanded I felt it’s best to revisit the competitive raiding come BFA.

What is the most challenging boss fight you have faced, and why?
Out of the bosses I have faced in Legion, I’d name Helya (the time I spent progressing the fight), Mistress, and Avatar as some of the more challenging fights. The challenge doesn’t necessarily stem from individual requirement which I just assume is a given nowadays, but the collective coordination where many pieces need to come together at the same time. The fights where a group has to come together as a unit usually appear the most taxing and most rewarding to me.

Character logs:

Additional Information:

Why do you want to join Avalerion?
There are two primary reasons that drove me to apply for a chance to prove myself at Avalerion.
The first one is I would love to become a valued member of a competent and competitive team of like-minded players, who can boast both individual prowess and stability as a group. You may have noticed a pattern amongst my Legion guilds - they have all been reasonable new ventures, and they had no joint experience and the long-term relationship to keep them afloat. Avalerion’s track record suggests otherwise.
Equally important, I would hope to find myself amongst raiders who want to be friends with one another, people who don’t mind getting to know each other and who value light-hearted banter and conversation over a never-ending stream of low-effort memes.

Why do you think you can be a valuable addition to Avalerion?
I understand and respect the foundational ideas of a competitive raiding guild. We choose to commit ourselves to these goals, you know, clearing the content as quickly and efficiently as we possibly can on a very limited time schedule and at the heart of it all, my preparation and readiness is the respect other raid members are due as human beings. As a raider in a Mythic team, if I am late, everyone is late. If I am not prepared enough and cause a wipe, I waste everyone’s focus, time and devalue their own preparation. I wish to be a strong member of a community that shares a common goal, a common hobby and a common passion, and this is why I can wholeheartedly promise you I will be there, I will be ready to rock and roll every (raid) night, I will be out there to help out the guild members however way I can, all that good stuff. Founding my way with an established team on the outset of a new expansion, the perfect time to get to know a new team, is my core drive in World of Warcraft and given the chance I will cock it up. Peace!

Do you have any significant alts?
My mage is a character I have been playing almost exclusively since the launch of Cataclysm and I don’t actively play any significant alts.
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Re: Application // Coehoorn the Mage

Postby Shedo » Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:22 pm

Hi Coehoorn,

Thanks for your application to Avalerion, I regret to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful. Please contact an officer in-game if you require further information, we wish you the best of luck in finding a guild that suits you.


On behalf of the Avalerion management team
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